Student Wellbeing

We support the social and emotional welfare of students and their families through effective strategies, recommendations, policies and procedures, guidelines and tools that enable healthy personal development in students and contributes to their academic success.

Our school environment is warm, nurturing and supportive. We consider the pastoral care of students and families to be of primary importance, and this is reflected in our school motto ‘Love One Another’.

How we support student wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary Springwood students playing outdoors

Learning at St Thomas Aquinas primary

St Thomas Aquinas primary is a place where curiosity, imagination and love of learning thrive through working together to provide the most effective, engaging and challenging learning experiences for students.

As part of a system of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta, we’re working together to transform learning for students in Greater Western Sydney. This means reimagining and refreshing learning and teaching for today’s world and today’s learners.

The purpose and promise of a Catholic education is to inspire each learner - student, teacher and family - to discover a meaningful and flourishing life.

Our approach to learning
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Our faith journey

St Thomas Aquinas primary is a great place for students to grow in faith and learning. We value each student as an individual and share the values of the Gospel to help them discover the hope that is within and to experience a meaningful and flourishing life.

Our Religious Education Program

Our faith journey

Students and teachers in Church at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary Springwood

Beyond the classroom

We believe it is important for students to pursue interests to find what they are passionate about. Our school gives them exposure to a range of exciting opportunities to unlock their creative potential, develop a talent or follow a passion.

Extracurricular activities we offer

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary Springwood student playing dress up
Before and After School Care

Ambrose School Aged Care, located on the school grounds, offers flexibility and convenience for parents. Specialist staff provide active, engaging and fun programs for children in years K-6. Care is available before, after school, and on pupil free days.

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Parents as Partners at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary Springwood
Parents as Partners

We believe education is the joint responsibility of parents, teachers and children and that by working together we can provide the best possible learning environment for students. We encourage and thank parents for being involved in any way you are able.

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Volunteer and contractor training at Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese
Volunteer and contractor training

Catholic Schools Parramatta Diocese (CSPD) is committed to keeping students safe at all our schools and related centres. All contractors and volunteer workers in schools are required to undergo child protection training.

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Students using iPads at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary Springwood
School Uniform

Our students are ambassadors for St Thomas Aquinas primary and wear their uniforms with pride. Learn about our school uniform and how to make a purchase.

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