St Thomas Aquinas provides a rigorous, balanced and relevant curriculum, focused on the unique needs of each child.

At our school every individual is valued, nurtured, cared for and respected, while also being challenged to achieve his or her best in all aspects of learning. Based on student need we offer a special education program, St Thomas Aquinas Rich Support (STARS) to support those with additional learning needs. To challenge and extend gifted and talented students we offer participation in special programs such as inter-school Science enrichment days, Kids Congress, University of NSW competitions.

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We follow the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) approved curriculum in the Key Learning Areas (KLAs):


This involves the strands of Speaking & Listening, Reading & Writing. A needs-based literacy group program operates throughout the school, which targets the individual needs of children.


Concepts taught in Mathematics include number, space & geometry, data, measurement, patterns & algebra.

Human Society and Its Environment

This is arranged in four strands - Change and Continuity, Environments, Cultures, Social Systems and Structures.

Science and Technology

This includes the learning processes of investigating, designing, and making and using technology.

Creative Arts  
Creative Arts

This comprises the areas of Visual Arts, Music, Dance and Drama. We have a specialist Music Teacher who teaches the music strand in classes. Students have the opportunity to be involved in the school ensemble, choir and other musical performances. Small group music lessons are available at school, with tuition provided by the Springwood School of Music.

Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

We have a specialist Physical Education teacher who teaches each class for one hour per week, this is supplemented by class lessons. Students have the opportunity to participate in a vast number of sporting experiences, including our Annual Sports Carnival, Swimming Carnival, Cross Country, local and regional sporting tournaments, and gymnastics.


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As a Catholic school we also have a strong religious dimension that runs through all the KLAs and is also formally recognised as the KLA of Religious Education.

St Thomas Aquinas students K-6 take part in formal Religious Education every day, based on the new Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta curriculum that is relevant to our students and to the world they live in.

  Learn more about Religious Education and the faith journey


As the building blocks for all learning, we have a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy throughout our learning and teaching programs.


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At St Thomas Aquinas we make literacy learning an exciting and stimulating time.

It is incorporated into the school timetable for a dedicated two hour block each day where students get opportunities to engage in talking, listening, reading and writing activities in a series of whole class, small group, pair and individual experiences. Students are exposed to a variety of literature through the forms of spoken, print, visual, multimedia, and digital texts.

To offer additional support we have two Reading Recovery specialist teachers who provide one on one intervention to students in Year One.


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Our mathematical communities are dynamic places of learning where Mathematics is seen as being linked to everyday life. Students are given the opportunity to investigate, explore and manipulate both concrete materials and abstract ideas through open-ended rich tasks. The process of their learning is expressed orally, pictorially and symbolically. Reflective practice plays a significant part in numeracy as in all the school’s curriculum areas.

In Mathematics, the students articulate their thinking and reasoning, enabling deeper conceptual understandings. This allows them to learn to apply learning and skills to other areas. During the first two weeks of the year every student participates in a one-on-one interview (approx. 30 minutes) with their classroom teacher. This is used to determine the student’s mathematical strengths and areas for development, and from here goals are set. These are continually reviewed throughout the year.

Students in Year One have access to the Extended Mathematical Understanding Intervention program provided by specialist trained Mathematics teachers.


We offer a varied curriculum that is engaging and relevant!

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